Quality Management

Our integrated management system

The most valuable asset for the company is a committed team of employees who bear responsibility for quality, environmental responsibility, and health and safety in their jobs.

Intra-divisional and cross-divisional quality, environmental management ensures that all activities are comprehensively planned, managed and monitored. It is essential for all products and services to meet the expectations of our customers. An effective and reliable IMS helps to optimize the processes. Early recognition of deficiencies and their immediate elimination reduces expenditures on required corrective measures and guarantees the quality, maintainability and reliability of our products and services.

This manual is binding for all executives and employees of our business group. With this declaration, the management of Carl Zeiss IMT GmbH commits itself to conducting its activities in accordance with the concrete stipulations defined.

Our certificates

We have established a quality management system that meets the demands of legal stipulations around the world, as well as international quality standards. You can download here the corresponding certificates and verification from the certification authorities.

Our certificates

Our software certificates

We at Carl Zeiss have the major revisions of our software regularly certified. This allows us to ensure the certified calculation quality for our geometric elements.

The PTB has offered a neutral certification package for years. Points in the 3D software on compensating elements are calculated. The quality of these Gaussian compensating elements is determined by the PTB and the software segmented in to "accuracy classes." All results for our tested software lie in the class of minimal errors.

Software certificates are regularly updated and available on the Metrology Portal.