EagleEye navigator

Keen eyes in car body measurement

Quality assurance in car body construction is among the most complex jobs in metrology. EagleEye navigator is based on a completely new optical measuring technology that precisely meets these demands.

Product Overview

Automobile manufacturing requires measurements of countless bores in addition to edges, sections or transitions. Checking boreholes is extremely timeconsuming work, particularly for serial inspection. EagleEye vavigator leads to time savings of almost 50% for the entire car body. Typical, labor-intensive steps in traditional measuring methods are completely eliminated: no assembly and disassembly of threaded adapters, no material and storage or handling costs.


Furthermore, the use of EagleEye navigator immediately reduces throughput times and simultaneously increases the quality of pressed parts. This results in top-quality evaluations of the results with information on the diameter, position and form of the part feature down to the micrometer.


EagleEye navigator turns your measuring machine into production equipment.