Precisely Capture Freeform Surfaces

The total program for freeform surfaces and more

ZEISS HOLOS is a modular software package for the measurement of freeform surfaces. Additionally, the Geo and Digitize modules enable inspection of standard geometries and digitization of surfaces and curves.

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HOLOS Light allows you to measure curves and simple freeform surfaces. HOLOS Light is suitable for a plan/actual comparison, for sampling and the measurement of single parts with curved surfaces made of plastic, wood or metal. Measuring programs can be generated quickly by clicking on measurement and reference points on the imported CAD model. Freeform surfaces can be aligned by defining only six points on the monitor. HOLOS Light guides users to the points to be measured and graphically displays the measurement. The measuring results are displayed at the corresponding position in the workpiece diagram immediately after

HOLOS Extended

In addition to the functionality of HOLOS Light, HOLOS Extended enables the inspection of complex freeform surfaces. Because the software is designed as an open system, HOLOS Extended can be programmed and integrated in the automation strategy of the user by means of VBScript features. HOLOS Extended also provides the measuring data for SPC evaluation. Scanning with HOLOS Extended delivers a high amount of information even with extreme curves and contours. The cubing function in HOLOS Extended enables a comparison of the intersections of several parts.


HOLOS Geo provides features for manual and CNC measurements of standard geometries. For example, users who also have to measure standard geometries no longer have to use software that offers more than they need. HOLOS Geo is the practical solution for sampling measurements, e.g. the initial inspection of cast and forged parts, bores and reference marks. Furthermore, HOLOS Geo includes functions for measurements with references, which is primarily required for metal and plastic parts. Defining and storing different measurement strategies is also a key element of HOLOS Geometry.

HOLOS Digitize

HOLOS Digitize provides users with a tool to digitize curves and surfaces. It enables the fast and highly accurate digitization of a model, the capture of model modifications and sampling. The recorded point clouds can be directly converted for further editing in various data formats or used to generate freeform surfaces in HOLOS. This enables immediate control of surface descriptions. Moreover, HOLOS Digitize features a direct interface to DIMENSION, which enables the exchange of data via Windows.

Option HOLOS CAD Converter

The HOLOS CAD Converter provides a CAD direct interface to convert CAD data for downstream processing in HOLOS software and in ACIS-based systems. The current version of HOLOS CAD Converter supports a wide range of CAD formats. HOLOAS (.mod) and ACIS (.sat) are available as output formats.