Intuitive template design

ZEISS PiWeb Module Designer

Designer makes it easy to design the reports that will be populated and viewed using ZEISS PiWeb Module Monitor. Customize generic reports to suit company specific requirements or create part specific reports.

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  • Simply create reports using Drag & Drop objects
  • Incorporate powerful statistical evaluations
  • Add form plots such as flatness, straightness, curve form, roundness plot, …
  • Integrated CAD functionality
  • Extensive layout capabilities that includes a variety of industry standard forms
  • Share templates to implement consistent reporting standards

Extensive set of evaluations

Designer offers a large set of evaluations. These include line charts, statistical charts, such as histogram, box plot and cp/cpk diagram, but also form plots such as roundness, flatness and curve form.

It is easy to extend the toolbox by combining built-in plots into custom templates.


Designer makes it easy to design reports in a standardized form. This is especially useful for automotive suppliers who have to deliver quality data in the required layout.

Data visualization with tables

A wide range of predefined tables make it easy to view data in a tabular form. Table templates allow you to access and evaluate measured data without the need for part-specific reports.