Exclusive features for a wide range

ZEISS CARMET is an economical, all-inclusive package that leaves nothing to be desired and offers ZEISS quality throughout.

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length measurement error E0

From 35 + L/50 ≤ 80 [μm]
At 16-24°C

Single measuring ranges [mm]

Type X Y Z
40/16/25 4000
1600 2500
50/16/25 5000 1600 2500
60/16/25 6000 1600 2500
70/16/25 7000 1600 2500

Duplex measuring ranges [mm]

Type X Y Z
40/30/25 4000
3000 2500
50/30/25 5000 3000
60/30/25 6000 3000
70/30/25 7000 3000

Flush-floor access

With the flush-floor model, ZEISS CARMET offers free access from all sides. An onfloor version is available for use with an existing foundation.

Precision and dynamics

The ZEISS CARMET Z column has a trapezoidal shape. A wide base provides
stability and rigidity for maximum precision. The upward taper saves on weight, which benefits the dynamics. In this way ZEISS CARMET combines precision and dynamics in a superior design.

Linear guideways with ball chains

Linear guideways with ball chains ZEISS sets in all axes linear guides with
ball chains, which are characterized by high rigidity, smooth operation and low

Integrated control

ZEISS CARMET is controlled by a moving control unit integrated in the measuring machine. This reduces the number of interfaces, speeds up the installation process, and reduces space requirements. The control unit housing also serves as a holder for the control panel.


The horizontal arm of the ZEISS CARMET is equipped with space-saving collision protection on both sides to protect people and material from injury and damage. The proven friction drives in the ZEISS machines that simply slip through when there is a blockage also contribute to safety.

Temperature stability

For all structurally relevant components, ZEISS consistently uses steel, which allows for even, controlled heat expansion. In addition, the Z column is also thermally insulated by F.I. technology. The result: The machine can be used in a broad temperature range from 16 to 24°C within the specified measuring error. Furthermore, the machine does not have to be cooled, and temperature compensation is not required. In addition, the light insulation cover can be removed quickly and easily for maintenance.

Options and accessories

  • On-floor machine
  • Wireless control panel
  • Swiveling control unit with TFT monitor, keyboard, trackball and control panel holder for programming directly at the measuring point
  • ZEISS FalconEye optical sensor system