Fully configurable for your convenience

The ZEISS PRO is a modular horizontalarm measuring machine that is very easy to configure and available in two versions: PRO advance and PRO premium. This means that it can be ideally tailored to meet your cost efficiency and performance requirements.

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length measurement error E0

(Y = 1600 mm, Z = 2100 mm)

Base configuration
From 27 + L/80 ≤ 70 [μm]
At 16-24°C

Premium equipment
From 18 + L/125 ≤ 50 [μm]
At 18-22°C

Model versions

ZEISS PRO is available in three models:

  • The flush-floor version allows safe, unobstructed access from all sides.
  • The on-floor version can be placed on an existing foundation.
  • The table model (PRO T) offers the best independence from a foundation because the table itself provides a rigid, stable base.

Each version can be equipped with one arm or a dual arm.

ZEISS PRO advance

Advantages of ZEISS PRO are:

  • Trapezoidal stand and horizontal arm for maximum precision and dynamics
  • Collision protection on both sides
  • Flush-floor access to measuring range from all sides
  • Continuous CSC articulating probe holder with high torque and high dynamics
  • Easy access to maintenance-relevant parts
  • Anti-kink protection for sensor carriers, optional
  • ZEISS EagleEye optical sensor for significantly shorter measuring time

These premium options can be added to the ZEISS PRO advance as required:

  • Full enclosure to protect against dirt and for thermal insulation
  • Temperature compensation for greater accuracy in the event of variations in temperature
  • “Performance option” for 50% greater maximum acceleration
  • “High accuracy” option for approximately 30% less measuring error (in combination with full enclosure and temperature compensation)

ZEISS PRO premium

The ZEISS PRO premium bundles all the performance features that are available for the PRO series in one package. Full enclosure, automatic temperature compensation and the best possible accuracy and speed are indispensable components of the ZEISS PRO premium.

A ZEISS PRO advance with all the premium options is identical to a ZEISS PRO premium.

Other options and accessories

  • Anti-kink protection for the articulating probe holder
  • Wireless control panel
  • Mobile control unit with TFT monitor, keyboard, trackball and control panel holder for programming directly at the measuring point
  • ZEISS EagleEye optical sensor system