ZEISS MMZ M For the most demanding precision requirements

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ZEISS MMZ M Bridge-Type CMM for Complex Workpieces

Precise measurements at favorable acquisition costs – this was the goal when developing the ZEISS MMZ M. The coordinate measuring machine is ideal for checking complex workpieces, especially those with tight tolerances.

ZEISS MMZ M CMMs are used by mechanical engineers as well as windturbine and gear train manufacturers.


At a glance

Low infrastructure costs

  • Minimal footprint compared with measuring range to minimize the amount of space required
  • Minimized foundation requirements to reduce costs for the foundation
  • Articulating probe holder for maximum flexibility and minimized costs with measuring styli

Future-proof and high-quality

  • ZEISS VAST navigator probe system to quickly calibrate, scan and increase precision
  • ZEISS VAST performance to increase measuring throughput

Ergonomically-correct work

  • All-sided view of the measuring range
  • Walk-in measuring area for effective analysis directly on the workpiece
  • Mobile data station for direct programming on the workpiece

Efficient, highly precise measurements

  • Resistant to harsh environmental conditions for minimal demands on the measuring room
  • Large bearing clearances and a stable bridge design for an exceptional scanning performance
  • Thermofit XL stylus extensions for measuring deep boreholes (1,200mm)

Technical data summary of the ZEISS MMZ M CMM

Length measurement error: MPE_E150 from 2.2 + L/400 μm
Single stylus probing error: MPE_PFTU from 1.7 μ
Scanning probing error: MPE_THP/tau from 2.2 μ / 64 s
Form measuring error: MPE RONt from 2.0 μm
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