Inline Metrology

For inline measurements ZEISS is the only one-stop provider of all controller, software and calibration modules. As a result, the company is able to quickly implement individual customer demands and effectively analyze systems.

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Software Modules

With its expertise in all technology modules of inline measuring technology, ZEISS can deliver all necessary communication modules in accordance with the needs and tasks of its customers.


Software for visualization at the station
  • Control chart for all measured points
  • Display of measurement progress, including tolerances
  • Display at the GUI level of the sensor images from the image processing system
  • List format for fast processing and data exchange
  • Q-Stop and tolerance management


Measurement planning software (also offline)


Measurement process control software
  • Connection to PLC
  • Collection of measured values in one database from the individual measuring computers
  • Analysis of the measured values


Software for the calibration of IR uncertainties
  • Temperature compensation of the robot
    (Inherent warming)
  • Mathematical or physical correction


Software for 3D image processing of the sensor data
  • Analysis of the sensor images and calculation of the measured values in the sensor coordinate system
  • Sensor image archiving
  • Simulation of changed settings with archive images
  • Import function for measuring plans
  • Sensor temperature compensation


MVS-2D is the software for 2D image processing. It is used to control the camera, take pictures and process the image data.

MVS2D is comprised of the following functions:

  • Graphic user interface
  • Automatic storage of good and bad images
  • Statistical display of errors
  • Complete Image processing library
  • I/O process communication to SPC
    • Digital
    • Profibus
    • Profinet
    • Modular driver concept for various cameras and illumination sources