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Workshop | Get Ahead of the Game in Microscopy

12/14 June 2018 @ ZEISS Experience Center in Breda

Due to ongoing efforts in industrial and materials scientific applications, the contribution of Multiscale Microscopy to the acquisition of quality data is rapidly expanding beyond the traditional metallography, surface inspection, technical cleanliness, and failure analysis applications.As a manufacturer of light, confocal, electron, X-ray microscopy ZEISS is your partner to offer flawless correlative microscopy solutions to cover your needs now or in future applications.

This workshop aims to inform and teach you about the wide range of analyses possible on ZEISS microscopes in a multi-scale and correlative workflow. In addition, we will introduce key solutions such as ZEN Intellesis (machine learning for image segmentation), GMP software (Audit Trail and process insurance) and diffraction contrast tomography in X-ray microscopy.

In addition to a presentations session in the morning, you are invited to participate in up to three ‘hands on’ instrument workshops in the afternoon to experience state-of-the-art ZEISS microscope systems in a close detail.

This one-day free event on materials microscopy is a combination of lectures and open access to a wide variety of microscopes. Don’t miss this exciting workshop for exchange of information with users from research and industry, to explore the new and emerging technologies and methods for correlating multiscale materials microscopy.

In many quality labs, the expertise of the quality engineers is aligned to the fields of applications for optical-based microscopy and metrology solutions. We therebykindly ask you to forward this invitation to your colleagues in the quality lab with a particular interest in Surface Inspection and Metrology, Technical Cleanliness and/or Metallography and Failure Analysis.

Date & location
June 12 - 14
09.00 - 18.00

ZEISS Experience Center
Graaf Engelbertlaan 75
4837 DS Breda
The Netherlands

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EVO-SEM and AxioScope.7 with Shuttle & find: Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy
Workshop 1
The instruments of the EVO family combine high performance scanning electron microscopy with an intuitive, user-friendly experience. We will show you the easy to use EVO User Interface and high efficiency imaging capabilities.To capture the essence of your sample, you often need to analyze it with more than one method. Going from the micro to nano scale can require to correlate light with electron microscopy (CLEM), or X-ray with FIB-SEM (CXF). Correlative microscopy from ZEISS gives you integrated solutions and seamless workflows. We will show you different tools which ZEISS developed to make the process as effortless as possible.

LSM800 Mat: Automated High Resolution Automated 3D-surface characterization
Workshop 2
Characterize 3D surfaces' topography automatically in your lab or multi-user facility. The LSM 800 enables precise, three-dimensional imaging and analyses of nanomaterials, metals, polymers, and semiconductors. We will show you how the LSM 800 enables precise, three-dimensional imaging and analyses in an newly developed automated routine.

Smartproof 5: Fast and high-throughput surface analysis
Workshop 3
The versatile ZEISS Smartproof 5 widefield confocal microscope is your integrated system for surface analysis: fast, precise and repeatable. Put it to work on a wide range of industrial applications - such as roughness and topographical characterization - that come up every day in QA/QC departments, production environments and R&D labs.

Smartzoom 5: Smart Design. Smart Workflow. Smart Output
Workshop 4
Smartzoom 5 is your smart digital microscope - ideal for quality control and quality assurance applications in virtually every field of industry. Quick and easy to set up, fully automated and equipped with dedicated quality assurance and quality control components, it’s so simple to operate, even untrained users will produce excellent results. We will show you the ease of use of the Smartzoom 5. 

Axio Zoom.V16: Your zoom microscope for large fields
Workshop 5
The on-axis zoom microscope Axio Zoom.V16 delivers both high resolution and a zoom range of 16x. Zoom seamlessly from overview to the smallest details - with a large free working distance and a single objective. We will show you how the Axio Zoom.V16 can help you to image a high versatility of samples at high resolution.