ZEISS Xradia 620 Versa

3D X-ray Microscopy for Faster Sub-Micron Imaging of Intact Samples

Move beyond exploration to achieve your moments of discovery within Electronics and Semiconductor Packaging

Unlock new degrees of versatility for your industrial research with the most advanced 3D X-ray microscope model in the ZEISS Xradia Versa family.

Building on industry-best resolution and contrast, ZEISS Xradia 620 Versa expand the boundaries of your non-destructive sub-micron scale imaging.

Tasks & applications

  • Perform structural and failure analysis for process development, yield improvement and construction analysis of advanced semiconductor packages, including 2.5/3D and fan-out packages
  • Analyze printed circuit boards for reverse engineering and hardware security
  • Non-destructively image across length scales from module to package to interconnect for submicron-resolution characterization of defects at speeds that can complement physical cross-sectioning
  • Enable better understanding of defect locations and distributions by viewing unlimited virtual cross-section and plan-view images from all desired angles

Key Applications

For Electronics and Semiconductor Packaging

Failure analysis and defect localization

  • Image fully intact packages at high resolution – locate and visualize defects smaller than 1 µm, non-destructively
  • View buried structures and defects at exact planes of interest – from any angle
  • Visualize defect orientation and use this information to guide PFA – reduce occurrences of “no visual defect” found

Process development and improvement

  • Evaluate thermocompression bonding (TCB) thickness in 2.5D and 3D packages
  • Locate non-conductive film (NCF) voids in solder mask trenches of advanced stacked die packages
  • Image changes in flip chip bumps and microbumps subjected to successive reliability cycles
Dimension, surface and volume measurement
  • Measure dimensions of microbumps and through silicon vias (TSV) in 3D, non-destructively
  • Quantify the void percent of bump volume
  • Understand the distribution of voids at critical interfaces

6 important performance improvements*

For faster Sub-Micron Imaging of Intact Samples

  1. Throughput: Up to 2x faster scans without sacrificing resolution
    High power (25 W) source with new improved optics
  2. Image Quality: Same or better image quality
    Improved Contrast-to-Noise ratio with higher X-ray flux
  3. Resolution: 0.5 µm spatial resolution, 40 nm minimum voxel size
    Improved resolution

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*Comparisons shown are vs. 500 series Versa

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