Workshop | How to maximize the performance of your systems

ZEISS on your Campus: UMC Utrecht

Join us at the exclusive ZEISS workshop "Beyond the Limits of the Microscope" on 12 or 13 June at the University Medical Center Utrecht! Discover how to maximize the performance of your systems and push the boundaries in Life Science. Don't miss this opportunity to explore the latest advances in fluorescence microscopy, optical sectioning and live imaging
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How to maximize the performance of your systems

The free workshop is open to researchers and other professionals working with microscopy for Life Sciences. Whether you are an expert or a new to the field, this event is the perfect opportunity to expand your knowledge!
The event will include case study presentations and workshops led by our experts in the field. You will be able to learn and explore not only the latest imaging and analysis technologies, but also how connecting and correlating data from different ZEISS instruments and software facilitates research by supporting and accelerating scientific innovation.

Our program

  • ZEISS Axio Observer 7 LSM 900 Airy-scan with Sample Finder: artificial intelligence applied to fluorescence acquisition.
  • ZEISS Apotome 3: the unique ZEISS solution for optical sectioning, effective and implementable on any microscope.
  • ZEISS arivis Pro and Hub: Image Processing and Analysis: Recent innovations with Machine Learning, Deep Learning and 3D rendering and analysis.

Our Timetable

9.00 – 9.30 AM

Walk in

9.30 – 10.30 AM

Theoretical session covering all optical sectioning methods and technologies

10.30 – 11.00 AM


11.00 – 12.00 AM

Break-out sessions

12.00 – 01.00 PM


01.00 – 02.00 PM

Break-out sessions

02.00 – 02.30 PM


02.30 – 03.30 PM

Break-out sessions

03.45 – 04.45 PM

ZEISS arivis open session - ONLY on Wednesday, June 12th

During the breakout sessions, we will break up into groups of five people. Our maximum capacity is 15 people per day. The break-out sessions will be led by Sanam Foroutanparsa, Jarno Voortman and Dieter Lauer.

Exclusive on Wednesday 12 June 03.45 – 04.45 PM we organize a ZEISS arivis open session. Feel free to walk in without registration and or invite more people.

The ZEISS arivis Scientific Image Analysis Platform

ZEISS arivis offers a family of software products, toolkits and modules for multi-modal, multi-dimensional microscopy data that scales, parallelizes, integrates and connects all image analysis pipelines. ZEISS arivis facilitates image data proficiency and efficiency at all levels, and throughout the organization.

Register now to secure your spot!

We can only accommodate 15 people per day.

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