Quality control in plastics manufacturing

Measurement solutions from prototype development to quality control during production

Companies that work with plastics must meet high demands on the quality of components. If products are manufactured with defective parts, additional work may be required, which results in considerable costs. Meticulous quality management is therefore very important in the plastics industry. Time-to-market is one of the decisive factors for market success. The path from prototype through quality control with subsequent improvement to production and delivery must therefore be as fast as possible. However, the product quality requirements must still be met without compromise.

ZEISS metrology systems are used in the plastics industry throughout the entire process chain. The systems ensure that your prototypes can start production without errors. Even during production, you can always subject the plastic products to quality controls to ensure that quality has not declined over time. Certified by ISO 9001:2015, we ensure extensive quality management expertise and knowledge. Our measuring solutions for plastic applications can be used, for example, in the production of PET bottles, to check for leaks, or in injection molding, to inspect manufactured plastic parts. With our systems for quality control in plastics manufacturing, you benefit from more efficient processes, more accurate measurements, shorter iteration times and significant time savings.

ZEISS as a partner for quality assurance in the plastics industry:
  • Your service provider for measurements in all processes of plastics manufacturing
  • Measurement systems and procedures of the future
  • Training for your employees
  • Reliable partner with years of experience
  • Modern systems for quality management
  • Fulfillment of your individual product quality requirements
  • ISO 9001:2015 certification and DIN ISO 17025 accreditation


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From prototype to production - quality control in the plastics industry

Our measuring solutions in the plastics industry accompany the complete manufacturing process of a product, starting with product development. With the ZEISS METROTOM, you can, for example, check the screwed original condition of a PET bottle for form, quality and function without cutting the product. Without a CT scan, a destructive test would normally be carried out. These tests are time-consuming, incomplete and may provide falsified results. With the ZEISS METROTOM and the matching software, any desired cuts can be easily made in the raw material on PC and followed by a complete analysis. The different material densities can be used for differentiated color display, making it easier to evaluate the products. Using this product quality control system, you can optimize your material processing, speed up your measuring procedures and simplify the analysis of raw material.

Perfect tools for injection molding

Injection molds are frequently used in plastics manufacturing. However, whether the mold for injection molding delivers good results and meets the requirements for product quality can only be seen in the plastic parts manufactured with it. The ZEISS METEROTOM is ideally suited for injection molding quality control. There is no risk of the test equipment causing deformation to the raw material and the components do not have to be destroyed for testing. The results achieved by this method provide significantly more information while taking less time than other quality control methods for plastic injection molding.

With CT devices from ZEISS, you can measure your components with high precision and traceability. The ZEISS REVERESE ENGINEERING software allows you to correct the CAD model of the injection mold using target and actual data. In addition, the software adjusts defective segments of your component and ensures the correct connection of the improved parts.

Quality assurance during production

For economic and technical reasons, it is not possible to inspect every single component in production. That is why the quality of products is assured by periodic random sampling. During these measurements, defined dimensions are recorded regularly and deviations are observed over time. Analyzing these results makes it possible to adjust the production process ideally and detect deteriorations at an early stage of the manufacturing process. With a coordinate measuring machine, this quality control is time-consuming and it may not be possible to examine all areas. With a CT system, such as the ZEISS METROTOM, all dimensions can be recorded with just one scan. Depending on the size, several components can be measured simultaneously. A target-actual comparison then provides information about the dimensional accuracy of the component.

In series production with high quantities, noticeable defects can cause high costs in later process steps. Quality flaws should be detected immediately and reliably. Conventional methods, such as visual inspection, only check partial aspects of the overall quality and are expensive and time-consuming. With the ZEISS VoluMax, all quality features can be inspected with just one scan. Computed tomography is the only method that enables the non-destructive three-dimensional inspection of hidden structures and is perfectly suited for quality assurance. Regarding dimensional accuracy, the complete component can be compared with CAD data or a reference part. Thus, you can easily optimize your processes in production and your quality management with our measuring systems.

Services from ZEISS for quality control in the plastics industry

What distinguishes us from other service providers in quality control for plastics Paragraph:

Extensive technology portfolio

  • Network systems for quality management with measuring instruments, software as well as digital quality solutions that increase your productivity
  • Technology and process knowledge is reflected in our services
  • Largest technology and service portfolio on the market

Technologies of the future

  • Partnerships with universities & business partners ensure up-to-date knowledge and expertise
  • Strong global network with continuous knowledge flow
  • High-end measuring laboratories of class 1 according to VDI/VDE 2627

Fast and flexible

  • Get an offer within 24 hours
  • We will find the right measuring equipment for your requirements and production
  • In the ZEISS Academy Metrology, we offer training courses for your company
    Measurements of parts of different sizes, materials and compositions


  • 100 years of proven success in the industry
  • ISO 9001:2015 certification
  • DIN ISO 17025 accredited

Accreditation and certification

  • Accreditation of testing laboratories according to DIN EN ISO/ICE 17025
  • ISO 9001:2015 certification quality management standard
  • Tisax® certification information security up to level 3 with prototype protection and third-party connection
  • ISO 5001 certification energy management
  • DAkkS accreditation certificate
  • High-end measuring rooms up to class 1 according to VDI/VDE 2627

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