Versatile, precise, compact –

A powerful all-in-one package with high-performance software, precise optoelectronics and adaptable usage.

It’s here: The portable system for complex measurement and inspection tasks: GOM’s ATOS Q is a flexible, versatile, compact 3D scanner – an impressive system with easy operation and powerful GOM Inspect software.

Versatile, precise, compact –

Featuring precise optoelectronics, a robust sensor design and a powerful software, ATOS sensors are applied in nearly all industries. ATOS Q merges technology, performance and design into a versatile, robust and compact system with genuine ATOS DNA. With the GOM Inspect software inside, ATOS Q is an all-in-one solution that masters all jobs: It encompasses the entire workflow, from data acquisition and inspection to reporting. The system also meets high metrological demands and is portable due to its compact, lightweight design.

ATOS performance for product quality

ATOS Q captures in-depth product quality information at high speed and creates a data basis for tailored analyses. ATOS 3D sensors have been custom-built to meet the metrological requirements in industry and to deliver absolutely accurate and traceable measuring results — even under harsh conditions. Their full-field 3D scans visualize errors and defects on components and tools, thus allowing for thorough process and quality controls where users can remedy defects and optimize processes at an early stage.

Diverse industries use ATOS Q to measure small to medium-sized parts, e.g. in additive manufacturing and plastics processing and during casting and forging or metal forming. Users can choose between five precision lenses to cover varying measuring areas. The fixed camera position makes it very easy to switch from the smallest to the largest measuring volume.

Brilliant in every mode

The compact ATOS Q solves complex measurement and inspection tasks — be it in a manual, semiautomated or in a fully automated mode with the GOM ScanCobot or in the ATOS ScanBox 4105. All options are reliable and comfortable because the software walks users safely through the entire workflow.

Manual mode: The lightweight and compact ATOS Q is just 4 kg and can be easily maneuvered. It can be set up on a tripod in the measuring room or directly on the shop floor.

Semiautomated mode: The ATOS Q also works in a semiautomated mode. Simply place it on a tripod or desk stand and combine it with a GOM RO T 350 rotation table or a Motorization Kit.

Automated mode: GOM’s ScanCobot delivers high-precision, automated measurements and speeds up development for small and medium-sized parts. ATOS Q inside the ATOS ScanBox 4105 ensures quality control with high throughputs in series production — a powerful duo for more efficiency.

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