Find your Application Solution in High Resolution. With ZEISS Optical Series.

Not only are components becoming more and more complex, also the demands on quality assurance are constantly increasing. Workpieces of various shapes, sizes, surfaces and materials must be measured quickly and precisely. However, this requires the appropriate measuring methods.
In the Webinar we will tell you how precise, fast and non-contact measurement is possible and which method is the best for your application. Learn more about software and hardware updates within the ZEISS Optical Series.

Hoogtepunten van dit webinar:

  • Learn how shortened image acquisition can achieve up to 44% faster optical measurements with the optical ZEISS VAST probing mode.
  • Find out how precise results can be achieved even in production environments using pneumatic vibration isolation.
  • Discover the flexibility in solving your measurement tasks with the ZEISS XDT tactile single point sensor for optical measuring machines.