A roughness sensor that unites all characteristics.

Measure dimension, form/location and roughness automatically on a single machine: More productivity, one single record.

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For the quality inspection of components, e.g. in the powertrain of vehicles, it must be possible to inspect roughness and waviness in compliance with standards. The ZEISS ROTOS roughness sensor enables just this on a single coordinate measuring machine for the first time. Operators benefit from a simplified workflow for added measuring certainty and enormous time savings.

ZEISS ROTOS is intended for users that inspect size, location or form on a coordinate measuring machine (CMM) and also need to measure roughness and waviness on the same workpiece. Thanks to the ZEISS ROTOS roughness sensor. all characteristics of a technical drawing can be fully measured with one CMM and displayed in one record. It is no longer necessary to transfer to a surface measuring instrument.

Various measuring positions can be reached without rechucking and a fully automatic run is possible without the operator influencing the surface measurement. This takes just a few seconds compared to the previous several minutes. Because it is no longer necessary to transport and clamp the part, the susceptibility to errors throughout the process and operator influence are virtually eliminated.

But there is more: ZEISS ROTOS can be positioned flexibly to reach all surfaces on a part without rechucking. Furthermore, the sensor features a rotating/tilting axis. Measurement data from ZEISS ROTOS is transmitted via Bluetooth to the analysis computer. The data is then imported into CALYPSO software via a machine driver and can be exported with other measurement data in a common record. ZEISS ROTOS is available for selected coordinate measuring machines with VAST sensor carriers.