Inspection data management

ZEISS PiWeb Module Planner

Planner allows you to centrally manage inspection plans, tolerances and measured data. Easily and quickly import data from different measurement systems and make the latest measurements immediately available to all ZEISS PiWeb applications.

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  • Track and document changes to characteristics
  • Measurement approval and blocking
  • Security tools and user management
  • Manually import measurement data from many different systems

Characteristics and measurement data management

With Planner you can manage all the parts, characteristics and measured data stored on your ZEISS PiWeb Module Server from anywhere at any time. Elaborate possibilities for grouping, filtering and searching data make it easy to quickly find and edit relevant entries.

The integrated CAD view displays characteristics directly on the related part.

Automated tasks

Automated emails can provide you with an overview of changes to the inspection plan or a summary of new measurements.

Outdated measurements, such as large amounts of data from inline measurement systems, can be cleaned up automatically at a defined interval.

Recurring measurement aggregation tasks allow you to evaluate data of large periods of time while retaining optimum performance. Precalculated daily, weekly and monthly values make statements about quality more transparent and instantly available at any time.

User management

With Planner, you can tailor data access to the specific personnel responsibilities. ZEISS PiWeb further supports Windows Single Sign-On. This means that ZEISS PiWeb applications automatically recognize you using your Windows user account, without the need for an additional password.