High performance back-end

ZEISS PiWeb Module Server

Server is engineered for optimum performance. All measurement data, images and evaluations are available anytime and anywhere. The carefully designed user interface makes it easier than ever to have your new Server up and running in no time.

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  • Easy configuration - no dedicated IT department necessary
  • Optimum data security through encrypted data transmission
  • Storage of measurement data, form plots, images and CAD data
  • Email alerts
  • Automated data aggregation
  • Data access for third party software through open source interface

Easy configuration

The guided configuration helps you to optimally configure Server. The new Server is ready to use within just a few clicks and will be automatically discovered by the clients.

Email notifications

Server can keep you up to date about inspection plan and measurement changes through email notifications. With automatic error reports and status alerts monitoring server availability is just as easy.

Automated data aggregation

Server jobs can precalculate statistical values for optimum performance in large data scenarios, like inline measuring or powertrain solutions. This means that mean values, cp and cpk values for large intervals are immediately available without long-running computations.

Storage of measurement data, images and CAD data

To get the most value out of the expensively collected data, Server supports a variety of measurement data types:

Attributive characteristics with values like good / bad. Images as measurement data from optical measuring techniques. 3D point cloud data from industrial computed tomography.