Computed tomography contract measurement is the place to go for the analysis and measurement of your parts. We provide a wealth of experience in data acquisition and analysis gathered over more than 10 years. Our CT systems are always at the leading edge, be it hardware or software.

Non-destructive failure analysis inside the parts

On top of a conventional X-ray inspection, we deliver a wide range of interesting analysis methods. The CT scan provides the foundation for

  • Porosity/inclusion analysis
  • Damage and failure analysis
  • Detection of hairline fractures
  • Stress tests such as temperature, pressure or electrically charged
  • Assembly checks
  • Wear analysis

Measuring analyses and geometry comparison

Our CT system captures the entire part. This enables a depiction of interior contours and undercuts in their entirety and also allows geometry comparisons such as plan/actual (e.g. compared to a CAD or master) or actual/actual (e.g. compared to other cavities). The orientation does not matter. Deviations are displayed using false color images. Each error zone is assigned a color.

  • 2D and 3D measurements directly in the volume data – no conversion in point clouds or STL data required
  • Measurement of all types of characteristics and features, tolerances (form and location)
  • Initial sampling of your parts

Reverse engineering – correct, optimize, capture

If the deviations from the reference known, they can be specifically used to correct tool geometries. Our specialist will help you generate corrected CAD data in accordance with your specifications and problems.

  • Reverse surface engineering
  • Tool correction


We offer the following reduction methods:

  • Surface model
  • Volume model
  • Fully parametric (CAD model with geometric elements)
  • Reduction of scaled and inverted error for tool correction
  • Direct interface to CAD systems